深受母亲的影响,自幼我就兴趣玩下ps, flash的软件。

大学时,就读的是商务英语专业,虽然没有绘画的天赋,却依然对设计念念不忘。在大学里,在负责学校英文杂志surf zone的设计之余,大四我发起了关于英语系毕业年鉴的一系列活动,并于毕业那一天人手一份的发到了大家手里,记录下了关于英语系每一个人的故事。作品下载地址:http://playground.ace.ed.ac.uk/~s1215239/mydarkside/work.html

之后就读了爱丁堡大学设计和数字传媒专业。利用电脑,摄影和软件的运用,我试图给身边枯燥乏味的世界增添一些天马行空的想象。在向rob hain的rear window致敬的作品《space shen》里,我用了photoshop制作的动画来表达[鬼怪来源于想象,而想象无处不在]。

任何新的技术都很容易引起我的兴趣。可以造成幻觉的3d立体投影,利用光和影,使得本来静止不动的物体有了生命,也可以创造一种近乎于梦境的效果。我的毕业制作就探讨了这项技术 - Digital Alice试图创造一个层层叠叠的由一架钢琴引发的女孩alice的梦境。透过Digital Alice提出了一个问题:3d立体投影是否有可能,有需要被运用到电影制作中去?



Deeply influenced by my ​​mother, I learnt to play around with photoshop and flash when i was really young.

When I was in college, my major was English and International Business. Though I wasn’t skilled in drawing, still I got a chance to be the art director in Surf Zone, the English magazine society in Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. In Year 4, I became the initiator and chief editor of the YearBook Project within the Language and Culture Department in XJTLU. This project aims at distinguished audience to deliver a positive image about our English Major to the public and keep track of memories and relationships about our final year. Here is the link: http://playground.ace.ed.ac.uk/~s1215239/mydarkside/work.html

Then I went to Edinburgh University to study MSc Design and Digital Media. With computer technologies, photography and the use of softwares, my intention is to add a little wild imagination to this boring normal reality. Among all other work, the photoshop-made animated imagery SPACE SHEN aims to present one simple idea [monsters are from our imagination, which is everywhere]. And this is inspired by Rob Hain’s Painting called Rear Window.

I am always curious about new methods, technologies. 3D projection mapping technique caught my eye one year ago while I was in Edinburgh. Also called as video mapping, this technique is widely known for projecting computer generated imagery onto three dimensional objects other than flat screens. It causes illusions, adds movements to still objects and therefore is perfect for creating dreamy effects. My final project - Digital Alice came out of a desire to experiment with innovative ways of making fantasy horror film with visual effects displayed by projection mapping instead of post- production. The aim is to answer one question: is there any reasonable cause for applying projection mapping to film practices?

For my previous Printing works

[Posters, Newspaper, Magazine & The YearBook],

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To see more about my recent works, CLICK the pic below.

2013-12-05 11.32.06-1

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